History of Creation 

LuLur Retreats are more like magazine produced beauty events than a retail spa where you book single appointment at your convenience. 

LuLur Retreats are enhanced and designed to go beyond the typical type of spa, gym or massage treatments and holistically focus on the whole person—mind, body, and inner being. 

LuLur Retreats are modeled after founders long term experience working on chill rooms and green rooms for major award shows like the Grammys, and Emmys and magazine events like Vogue, Teen, Elle, and Shape. 

Locations are  VIP private, no public access and done in upscale hotel suites.  They are provided to Celebrities and Entertainers to help them calm down and center them before they go on stage.

"The LuLur System™" is a carefully designed, pre-programmed Sequenced Set of Sessions performed in silence and one after the other so a rhythm is established. 

Each person is provided a unique sequenced program to enhance the quality of outcomes. 

This year we have more fully incorporated the fashion and beauty element.

LuLur Gift Experiences and Retreats

2015 Retreats

Event Settings


Casa Madrona Mansion 

Resort Hotel and Spa in

Sausalito California


Parisian Luxury Hotel Sofitel 


San Mateo County, California

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LuLur  Retreats™ are designed to help you step out of time and provide a

soothing, deep detox, relaxation and transformation experience from head to foot. Our whole-body wellness and regeneration experience feature Far-InfraRed technology combined with natural treatments and new healing arts modalities. When you step into one of our stylized locations you will be given the opportunity to explore the balance between that which is visible and that which lies within. We use unique combinations of environmental space, sound, art, music, aromatic herbs and flower essences merged with peaceful body movements and water therapy. The results are stress reduction and regeneration therapies that help build healing synergies for your whole body, both internally and externally. 

Additional spa and salon services are at LuLur Retreats inquire when booking