Live Virtual Retreats

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LuLur Retreats are unique in that each retreat and location is design to offer a slightly different esthetically pleasing regeneration experience. 

LuLur Regeneration sessions give one permission to feel good about engaging in deeper levels of rest, relaxation and personal tranquility time. 

​LuLur is wonderful to experience alone, because with a schedule full of appointments, work assignments and family obligations, sometimes all you want is just a little bit of quiet time to yourself.  

LuLur Retreats and Gift Experiences offer three ways to indulge in the regeneration experience.

  • LuLur Retreats Physical Locations
  • LuLur Gift Experience 
  • LuLur Virtual Experience

Each program is coordinated and uniquely eventful. 

Our feature program uses gentle Photonic Heat as a cocooning element to loosen tension and increase feel-good endorphins. Sound, water, light and natural ions are carefully blended into the mix to heighten the over all experience.

Live retreat events are scheduled on weekends. 

2015 Retreats are by appointment only

Space per day is limited.

Contact us for Group Pricing.