LuLur Gift Experiences are

Themed Fashion and Beauty

Products, Art Accessories and Events

Styled and coordinated to compliment 

LuLur Retreat and Virtual Programs. 

Purchase alone or as a set.

For yourself, a friend or loved one.

LuLur Virtual Gift Experiences and Retreats are offered for those who are unable to join us in person or simply prefer to participate in the experience remotely.

LuLur Virtual Experiences are available as Gift Product Experiences and Live Regeneration Retreats. 

We build the experience and invite you into this space from wherever you are in the world. ​

LuLur Virtual Experiences may be a mix of Fashion, Beauty and Gift items and Events. 

To participate you need only purchase your LuLur Virtual Kit, tune in via your computer and bask in the energy flow.

To heighten​ the experience we encourage our virtual guests to dress for the occasion.

LuLur sends Look Books. 

LuLur Virtual 

Plush Faux Fur 

​Blow Dry Art

Body Regen

Party Prep Event 

LuLur  Retreats™ are designed to help you gently step out of time.

Provides a soothing deep detox, relaxation and transformation experience ​from head to foot.

Each retreat and location is specially designed to offer a slightly different human regeneration experience. 

Keeping fresh each time.


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Live Retreat Locations

Are announced

Each retreat is  

A One-time Special Event 

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LuLur Retreats

LuLur Gift Experiences

LuLur Gift Experiences and Retreats are stylized product and service programs enhanced and designed to

go beyond typical retail, spa & gym dimensions

Each Gift Experience Event and Regeneration Retreat location is 

specially constructed to offer a slightly different human adventure. 

Mind, Body, and
Inner Being.


Live Virtual Retreats