Henna Body Art and Hair Blowout & StyleStarting at  $95.00

FarInfra-Red Detox

LED Facial

Hot Stone

Color Therapy 

Mind Balance Therapies

Blow Dry Bar

Henna Art


Water Therapy 

Hand and Feet Therapies

Holiday and Resort 2014

Body Regeneration Spa and Dine 

Starting at  $175.00

Get Ready 4 Party Dressing Room Ticket 

Starting at  $45.00

One of a Kind Artisan Vest Wrap.  

Starting at  $85.00

Henna Body Art and Hair Blow-out  

Starting at  $95.00

Gift Certificates  Available 

Body Regeneration Spa and Dine Retreat Experience   

Spa-like  Experience. A wholebody wellness service produced at world class destination locations.   

Start at  $175.00

LuLur Retreat  Holiday & Resort 2014 is

produced in world class setting of Sausalito California hosted at famous Casa Madrona mansion resort Hotel and Spa.

Our South Bay location is the beautiful world class Boutique Hotel Sofitel.

LuLur works with far-infrared technology and delivers its healing energies as an art. A whole body wellness treatment to detoxify and re-energize the body. Burns calories, and rids fat from the system.  This is a gentle advance treatment designed to draw impurities from  the body.  The uniquely choreographed program intensifies body-sensory stimulation to provide a more complete revitalization.   

A long warm & cozy wrap can be styled 5 unique ways. 

Faux Fur in colors and plaids.

Starting at  $85.00


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Live Virtual Retreats


Get Ready for New Years in Style.

For get rushing home, dressing in the office bathroom or in your car.

LuLur Gift Experience introduces its showcase feature.

The Dressing Room Prep Salon

Equipped with Steamers, racks, mirrors, extra beauty products, sweet treats, bubbly and more.

Dressing Room Salon Access is $45.00 and

gives you automatic entry to win your choice of  a Bliss Blow Dryer or $175.00 Certificate to

Space NK of London.  

Better yet, opt to enhance your dress-up by booking 

a relaxing aromatherapy, bodywrap session and LED Facial beforehand

to help you look your best. 


Texture & Faux Fur Vest Coats

LuLur Gift Experience feature and Editor's Pick 

One of a Kind Artisan Vest Wrap

Garment is universal and can be worn multiple ways, has enough fabric to wrap around you, keep you toasty when it counts and looks great dressy or casual.

cuddled up at home or

out & about  

Each Vest is a one-of-a-kind made to order and ship.

Images to left are for inspiration only; we use faux fur.

Sample swatch in slide show.